Monday, July 23, 2012


I loved  tonight and truly wish my Mom lived in SLC. I picked her up at the airport and she greeted me with her usual bright smile. When this lady smiles her eyes light up her pretty face, SHE. IS. GORGEOUS. and is pushing close to 60 ( don't kill me for posting your age Mom)  I only pray I look as great as her at that age..Heaven bless me!?! She's not only gorg., but thoughtful.... she had a caramel frappucino in her hand just for me! We made our way down town to the Whole Foods Market and had Sushi and a salmon salad. YUM. YUM. I loved tonight not only because of the great weather, tasty food, but because of the discussion I had with my Mum. I am so grateful I had time with her!!
I admit and regret that I don't let her know enough how much I admire her and LOVE her. She really isn't like anyone you've met. She's deff. not your typical mom and that is a good thing!!! I left her feeling renewed, uplifted and inspired. I am so proud of my Mom and and am so excited for the decisions she gets to make in her life, she is now an empty nester. A few uplifting words I dedicate to her that pretty much sums up what we discussed tonight. I LOVE YOU MOM and know you can do ANYTHING that will bring even more JOY and HAPPINESS into your life.You have taught us to LIVE life and now it's your turn XoXo! (The last quote is my FAVORITE)

NOT the end!

Monday, April 30, 2012

Your welcome world :)

I can hardly figure this thing out! I'll admit when it comes to this stuff I am LAZY! I usually have other people help me.I have given up on trying to make this cute (even though 2fresh just got home so she'll help me when I'm done writing this) I know the result will be amusing..I mean have you seen my template? Pink with stripes..yeah total class! LOL. Anyways ARE YOU READY??? READY FOR WHAT YOU ASK? Some people call it a hurricane, tornado or randomness, but really it's just ....TANYA TIME :) oh yeah....WELCOME to a segment of time where you will ALWAYS get a dish or two of my random thoughts that won't always make sense or even seem sensible.For those that know me, need I say more?! =)
I have partially done this once before, so I'm not a complete blog virgin. I started one in 2008 and in true Tanya Pikula fashion I delegated someone to take over my blog because I was 'over it' and just 'not feeling it' anymore..hehe(Bless Fifi's heart ).What inspired me to start this blog? PINTREST..yup! You heard that right! I'm actually really excited about my blog. Like many of you, I'm a really visual person. I have recently joined PINTREST (finally..where have I been right?) and have found that it has been extremely beneficial to me. I love all the different things you can pin.There are many reasons why I am obsessed and in love with PINTREST. It has helped me organize many ideas I have and has provided me with an outlet. Not only do I have my nonexistent aka imaginary wedding planned (ugh....LOL, what? I know I'm not the only one guilty of this! haha). Also,I constantly fantasize and diligently pray that one day I will be blessed with a rich boo-thang ( my husband) that will make one of my dreams of a NO BUDGET shopping spree come true so that what I have pinned on my FASHION board can be REAL and a legit closet! haha.. Okay i'll get to the point of my FIRST blog POST.My favorite pinboard is my WANTS/DREAMS/ASPIRATIONS. I feel it only seems fitting to share with you what my WANTS/DREAMS/ASPIRATIONS are so you can come to know me a little more and understand where I am in life right now! Please ENJOY and MUCH LOVE <3

One of my goals to is to get HEALTHY. I feel like I have lost all control of my health. I'm not going to begin a list of what I do wrong, but those choices have deff. lead me to an unhealthy and not so confident Tanya.
This has been a dream of mine since I was 17 years old and now I'm 28..ugh 11 years later and I'm still dreaming. That is why this is on my list. I am working on it as we speak. I love Cathrine Huffine.The model on the right.She's one of my inspirations.One day I will be working with her :) 

I would love to belong to one of these families! My dream is to get signed to one of these agencies and move to NYC and do my thing! Geddddiiiiiiittt!! 
I am so grateful that Northern Utah has half marathons into the fall months this year:) I want to run another halfer. It's been years since I have run it's TIME! Anyone want to join with me. Let me know.

 2 weeks ago it hit me that I don't even have one month of bills saved. I realized I am not prepared for a rainy day.I am working on this right now. Working over time to have savings for a rainy day. It's a start right. I need to pray for endurance because I hate doing doing overtime. I also dedicate this picture to my sister Anna. She is the BEST saver and such a great example of this principle.
I would love love love love to be debt free! I just finished paying off 2 big debts and it's only April.Go me! I try to remind myself to stick to my budget and be WISE in spending. It's working, but not fast enough.
I'm so excited about this health product. My good friend Teena and her best friend Omi got me interested in this. They have worked so hard and look so awesome and honestly this has given me HOPE! I just started this today. I'm excited to see the results :) 
It's simple..I need to open up my heart to dating. Yes, my mind is all about it, but NOT my hear. I struggle when it comes to this. I want to date- I want to be in love-I want to be friends with a guy and fall for him. I have a lot of wants when it comes to this subject, but it's extremely difficult for me to be OPEN and letting men in..... I said it! Ah..I don't know what will happen with this goal of mine, but it's something I am deff. working on!! Maybe I can blog about my love life in the future? hahaha..
I am so grateful for a Job. It's a great place to work.  I am blessed to have a job that pays my bills and to work with some great people and for a company with integrity. I just wish I could do something I love and that truly interests me.One day soon I'll have the courage to do get out of my comfort zone and get a job that I absolutely LOVE and won't have to call work!

Well 3 hours later (don't judge..haha) and I'm finally done. I still have to make my layout pretty,but oh well that will come..... eventually! xoxo